The Booming Global Esports Industry


As an increasingly popular and accessible pastime, esports are booming worldwide. This electronic sport has grand prize money and the prestige of being crowned champion. Individual players and teams can win millions of dollars in prize money. Winning teams and players can also earn additional funding from endorsements and sponsorships. Intel, for example, has spearheaded the development of stadium-based tournaments. Intel is among the largest sponsors of esports.

esports is a booming global industry

Esports is a rapidly growing global industry. In 2019 alone, revenues from esports will surpass $1 billion. By 2022, that figure is projected to double to $2 billion. Funding for the esports industry comes mostly from sponsorships and sales of media rights. With so much money at stake, professional eAthletes can earn as much as those in physical sports. The best players can earn millions. Eventually, esports will expand globally and culturally to reach a global audience.

It’s an electronic sport

An eSport is a competitive video game in which players compete in a certain game. These games require a certain set of skills, and teams compete in official international competitions. This form of gaming has also gained popularity in the social sciences and other areas. The most popular eSports are League of Legends and Dota 2.

It’s accessible

Gaming, and esports in particular, are embracing more accessibility as an option for people with disabilities. In order to bring these people into the mainstream, more disability-friendly esports competitions have been held in the past. The industry has also made adaptive gaming equipment available to participants who need it. With this change, the industry is now much more inclusive, and disabled gamers have had an easier time breaking into the competitive world.

It’s growing at a CAGR of 35.6%

While the sport is still relatively young, many companies are becoming interested in esports, and a number of non-endemic brands have begun investing in the industry. Companies such as Volkswagen Group and Daimler AG, which owns Mercedes Benz, have partnered with esports organizations. Other non-endemic brands are Nike Inc. and Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd., as well as media and technology companies. According to research and market reports, the market for esports has surpassed $2 billion annually.

It’s popular in Europe

While it has long been a favorite among European players, esports are rapidly gaining popularity in many other countries. The Netherlands is the birthplace of the team Liquid, which recently extended its partnership with Marvel. In the UK, esports player Sergio Aguero launched a new organisation. In Ireland, the first eSailing Championship is being held, with the winner playing alongside tour pros.

It’s underdeveloped in Japan

One of the most significant reasons esports is underdeveloped in Japan is the country’s anti-gambling laws. This prohibits professional gamers from holding paid gaming tournaments in Japan. Organizers cannot offer more than 100,000 yen in prize money, and spectators are not allowed to bet on games. Additionally, tournaments cannot be held in private facilities without the permission of the venue. This means that there is a severe shortage of space in Japan for esports.

How Esports Can Make You Money


An esport is a competition in which two or more players compete using video games. These games are live-streamed, and they are a lucrative product for the developers and broadcasters of these games. In this article, you will learn more about esports and how they can make you money. Here are some of the most popular esports currently on the market. The definition and history of esports is also discussed.

esports are video games played by two or more opponents

While traditional sports competitions tend to focus on skill and physical fitness, esports have a very different mindset. In addition to their competitive nature, esports require players to constantly practice their game, whether on their own or with other teams. Team Liquid, for example, plays League of Legends more than 50 hours a week. They eat meals together while discussing game strategy and studying videos of previous games.

They are a form of sport

The legitimacy of esports as a form of sport is still up for debate. While some multinational events in Asia feature esports alongside traditional sports, this question is not settled. The International Olympic Committee is reportedly considering the inclusion of esports in future Olympic events. Regardless, esports will need a national governing body to become a legitimate sport. In the meantime, eSports have been attracting large numbers of fans and are quickly establishing themselves as a competitive industry.

They are live-streamed

The trend of live-streaming esports events is becoming increasingly popular. With a high-speed Internet connection and a video-streaming device, fans of esports can watch events from anywhere. In addition to entertainment, live-streaming esports events are also a great way to support local communities and charities. Here are three ways to support esports. First, consider your own personal interest in the sport.

They are a profit-generating product

The world’s eSports market is huge, outpacing many countries’ GDPs. According to the World Population Review, eSports’ economic contribution is higher than the GDP of Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Mongolia. In addition, the market has grown exponentially, increasing video game sales, player satisfaction, and brand value. Hence, the question arises: “Is eSports a profit-generating product?”

They are open to all

While some esports are exclusive to a few countries, the vast majority of players come from around the world. While some games are more popular in certain regions, such as Call of Duty, Chinese teams have dominated the world scene. As such, the majority of VALORANT’s talent pool comes from North America, Europe, and Latin America. These regions are home to some of the world’s best players, but the diversity of these players is remarkable.