Esports, the leading online gaming provider

Esports Entertainment is well positioned to capture the growing market. The company has online gambling licenses in nearly 150 countries, a world-class betting platform, hundreds of partner partnerships, and a strong management team.

Advertisers and sponsors are quick to choose sports because of their attractive demographic characteristics.

Sports fans are, on average, young (about 26 years), relatively wealthy (one-third earn more than $ 90.00).

Eports has tremendous global appeal.

Esports Entertainment (GMBL)

Recently, Public Esports Entertainment (GMBL) offered the most flexible and transparent online gaming platform for $ 3.6 billion. We started the coverage with a long-term buy recommendation and a price of USD 7.00.

Numbers cannot be added because of rounding.
Investment thesis

The eSports fan base is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 590 million by 2022. Global gross sales are estimated at US $ 3.6 billion.
The company added gambling licenses to Britain and Ireland via acquisitions in July and obtained its first US licenses in August through partnerships with casino operators in New Jersey.
Esports Entertainment has nearly $ 12 million in acquisitions, platform development, and tournament hosting. Management is the benchmark for FG: 21 sales of $ 13 million.
We started the coverage with a long-term buy rating and a price of $ 7.00, which is a multiple of FG’s estimated sales: 21.

The company has accumulated a net loss and perhaps a few years from continuing operating profit.

Esports Entertainment Group is an emerging leader in online gambling and the fast growing multi-billion dollar sports betting market. Esports is a relatively new segment of online gambling consisting of competitive video games played by individuals and / or cash prize teams. The company has developed an innovative betting platform that offers betting enthusiasts better odds and greater transparency in a secure online environment and, through the acquisition of Argyll Entertainment in July, offers a first-class customer loyalty program. Esports Entertainment has accepted online betting from fans from Canada, Japan, Germany and South Africa and recently acquired a gaming license in Malta which has been expanded to nearly 150 jurisdictions including a number of EU member states.

Through the acquisition of Argyll Entertainment, Esports Entertainment also received game licenses in the UK and Ireland as well as around 200,000 registered online players. The New Jersey gambling license is granted through a corporate partnership with Twin Rivers Worldwide Holdings (TRWH). This partnership provides the US with initial support that Esports Entertainment plans to expand to other countries.

Massive cyber audience and cheap demographics. The sports fan base is growing rapidly and is projected to reach 590 million by 2022. Audience growth has been particularly strong this year due to the Coronavirus blockade, which halted traditional sports and attracted millions of new fans to online sports tournaments and events. Advertisers and sponsors are rapidly adopting exports, not only because of audience size, but also because of compelling demographic data. Sports fans are on average young (around 26 years old), relatively wealthy (1/3 have an income of over $ 90.00), and diverse geographically. Even non-endemic brands (i.e., products or services not related to exports) started sponsoring these events. Previous Esports Entertainment sponsors include Red Bull, KFC, Microsoft, Lenovo, Activision, and Konami.

Highly qualified management team. The company’s management team has extensive experience in online gambling, IT and sports. CEO Grant Johnson has led the company since 2013, and CFO Daniel Marx was previously CFO of Argyll Entertainment for five years.

The advantages of the betting platform. Esports Entertainment has developed its own online betting platform that offers better odds and more transparency than competing platforms as well as an intuitive gaming experience that feels fairer. The company plans to move the recently acquired Argyll business to its own platform, resulting in annual cost savings of over $ 1.0 million.

Worldwide game license, the first license secured in the US. The company received a gaming license from the Malta Gaming Authority in May which allows it to accept bets from residents of nearly 150 countries on its website. Malta’s online pool betting license is valid for 10 years and is renewable. The recent acquisition of Argyll Entertainment licensed Esports Entertainment games in the UK and Ireland and more than 200,000 registered users.

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FIFA has renamed its sport and built a prize pool of up to $ 4.35 million for the new season

FIFA has restructured its export tournament with three new circuits and a combined prize pool of $ 4.35 million. It has also been replaced with a new design under the motto “Fame your game”.

The three competing streams of FIFA – FIFA calls it “stories” – clearly separate players, clubs and countries from one another. This new structure is an acknowledgment of the fast growing export market and a step towards better deepening at all levels of the player.

“With our FIFAe tournament, we want to be closer to professionals, players and fans. In this digital acceleration era, we are seeing major changes in media consumption, social values ​​and entertainment stories. To be more involved with the next generation of football, we need to accelerate now, “said Christian Wolf, Director of eFootball & Gaming at FIFA.

Each of the three race streams (“stories”) has its own qualification and final route.

Players can represent their club in the FIFAe Club Series, their country in the FIFAe Nations Series or play the FIFA 21 EA SPORTS Global Series on their way to the FIFAe World Cup. Registration for the FIFAe Club Series and Global Series is now open. The qualifying round starts next month. The qualifier will play in the FIFAe Club World Cup final in 2021.

The cash prize is divided between $ 500,000 for the FIFAe World Cup and FIFAe Nations Series and $ 300,000 for the FIFAe Club Series. FIFA21 game producer EA Sports has awarded an additional US $ 3 million in prize money to qualify for the FIFA 21 Global Series, regional playoffs, eChampions League and CONMEBOL eLibertadores.

Brent Koning, FIFA Commissioner for Gambling Competitions and Group Director of EA, said: “Working with FIFA, this story will bring fans closer to the action, give players more opportunities to compete and help them find their next one.” Sports. In these unprecedented times, we have made it our duty to bring people together to celebrate club, country and personal glory. “”

With the growing ambition and presence of FIFA in the sport, a brand new tournament is coming.

With the slogan “Fame your game”, the community now enjoys a wider stage where everyone can make a name for themselves. “This is also illustrated by a brand new modular approach, which emphasizes three stories and a culture around and outside the competition,” said FIFA.

The importance of FIFA emphasizing the opportunities for rapid export growth was emphasized by Volk. “Our aim is to initiate a movement for a new category of football in the FIFA ecosystem. We want to create the biggest stage for the best players and teams in the community to shine brighter while increasing access to new entrants to the FIFAe tournament. At FIFA, we all look forward to the time that the best players and teams in the community are looking forward to it. ahead! “

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ESports fights bug scams, bots and hacks

The rapid growth of electronic sports has increased financial returns and created an urgent need to combat fraud and maintain the integrity of a growing sector.

In September, a scandal broke over the Counter Strike tournament, a highly popular 20-year-old game in which teams play the role of terrorists or terrorists who have been held hostage or bombed.

In this strategy game, speed and 3D teamwork are very important as participants take part in amazing two-minute missions.

Following the outbreak of the scandal, 37 team coaches were sanctioned by the ESports Integrity Commission (ESIC) after being found out using game bugs to spy on the opposing team’s strategy.

Professional, semi-professional and amateur trainers have been banned for several months to several years.

The suspension shocked the gaming community and a number of teams, including the German Mousesports fixture, who broke up with coach Alan “Rejin” Petersen for cheating. It’s been banned for 20 months.

“I apologize profusely to the opponent who suffered my mistakes. My bad decision may have changed your career and it is something I can never get back and I am very sorry,” said Peterson. Indonesia

  • High stakes –

This case, which involves competitions from 2016, is not the first or last in esports rock, a sector that has grown from a specialized hobby to a major hobby in just a few years.

More and more players are banned, banned or even banned for life from competition because of the temptation to win easily.

“The reason for cheating in esports is because the stakes are high,” Desire Koussawo, director of the French branch of ESL, one of the world’s largest esports organizers, told AFP.

“When you discover that you can make millions of dollars winning races today, the team and players may be more tempted to win in circles.”

Prior to last year’s Fortnite World Cup, 1,200 players were banned for fraud.

“There is little empirical or statistical data about the cheating. However, there have been reports from players who have complained about it for several years,” said eSports sociologist Nicolas Besumbs.

  • Aimbots and wallhacks –

Cheating is nothing new, even in the brave new world of gaming.

For example, players can purchase “aiming robots” online which enhance their aiming abilities in shooting games. And with a wallhack, players can see through a wall, walk through it, or shoot through it.

“Over the years we have adjusted and increased the level of security on our computers and configurations to avoid things like that,” said Kusavo. “But the people are very resourceful.”

An example of some players’ willingness to cheat was in 2018 when the Peruvian team Thunder Predator was excluded from the qualifying rounds for “The International”, the prestigious Dota 2 multiplayer tournament, because one of its members used a programmable mouse that gave an unfair mouse. Advantage.

Tracking fraud has become a time-consuming and important part of esports development – and ESIC is trying to fulfill that role.

“We believe that in the long term, it is in the best interests of gaming and all esports that integrity violations need to be dealt with head-on,” said ESIC.

“We know that most coaches, players, tournament organizers, publishers and developers, fans, sponsors and TV operators want CS: GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) and eSports to be a clean and fair competition.”

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Esports can teach the next generation more than just gaming and coding

In recent years there has been positive growth in the special export courses offered in the US and Europe. Universities in North America offer scholarships in the subject, a recognized personality invested in when NBA star Tony Parker founded his esports academy in France and leading organizations such as the British Sports Association launched the world’s first qualifiers for BTEC esports.

However, the lessons that sport can offer in a broader sense go beyond professional qualifications. The qualities needed to pursue a career in an industry, and the opportunities for such a career, can be great motivators for the next generation in one of the most uncertain and challenging moments for teens looking to their future.

Could this pivotal moment in the history of our global education system, put into effect online in recent months, be a turning point that actually recognizes the broader benefits of technology, perhaps particularly the benefits of digital phenomena such as sports, for students everywhere?

This is certainly a problem on the minds of industry leaders around the world and will be on the agenda for major B2B sports events such as Esports BAR + America this month. This conference is the first all-in-one online event in a series of BAR Esports business meetings.

“Not only that, the discipline needed to develop esports will greatly benefit students of all subjects, and motivation that can inspire professional ambition can be a tremendous incentive for students to become resilient. Indeed, this may be the time to build stronger relationships. between esports and education, which is why we’re excited to talk about it at the upcoming BAR Esports event. “”

A prominent and respected instructor will attend Esports BAR + America September 22-25. Anita Elbers, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School in Lincoln, Philn, will deliver the keynote address. Elberse develops and teaches the MBA “Entertainment, Media and Sports Business”, which is one of the most popular courses in the curriculum of world-renowned schools.

Having recently written a case for ninja, his speech at the digital conference “How To Thrive In The Entertainment Industry” will discuss the importance of education for a successful career in the entertainment industry, with exports rising as one of the top incomes for the entertainment industry. . general.

With brands and institutions focused on developing gaming and programming skills, this sport can offer a unique opportunity for students to build strong academic skills and move the next generation toward achievable and attractive careers with real appeal and potential for sustainable development. Prepare for the future. front.

As Harbers Elbers himself said: “The impact of digital technology is creating bigger brands and bigger superstars.” And it is not only the stars of the future who can promote a stronger sporting presence in education. With other exciting career paths open to future artists in the sports industry, from ambitious developers to specialist lawyers and journalists to analysts and marketers, there is much that can motivate students to consider their opportunities for further education and higher education.

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All laptops today are gaming laptops

Unlike our phones and tablets, laptops are divided into two separate categories. The first is a laptop with built-in graphics that cannot play games. The other is a laptop specially designed for gaming. And most of the laptops sold fall into the first category.

Embarrassing. This is bad for computer gaming and bad for Windows laptops in general.

With the announcement of the 11th generation Intel processor, standard laptops can finally break into this form. Soon, most laptops will be playable – even those small, thin, and light devices you might take for granted. That’s why it’s kicking your ass.

Intel Iris Xe raises the bar

For over a year, Intel has been revolving around its Xe graphics. While fans expect a discrete graphics processor that can compete with the Nvidia RTX 3080, Intel has always paid attention to what they call the Xe LP. These are discrete graphics built-in with low power consumption – nothing quite as elegant as what you build into your brilliant gaming platform.

Now that Iris Xe is available, I’m starting to understand why. If the Iris Xe turns out to be nearly as powerful as Intel claims, the company will change the way we expect our computers to be.

I paid close attention to comparisons with separate graphics cards for beginners.
In short, Iris Xe’s graphics are twice as powerful as last year’s stock graphics. This increased from 64 EU (executive unit) to 96 EU, which represents a nearly 33% increase in gaming performance potential. According to Intel, games like Borderlands 3, Far Cry New Dawn and Hitman 2 can be played for the first time at 1080p for Intel integrated graphics.

But beating your old built-in graphics doesn’t mean much. The comparison with discrete graphics cards for beginners really caught my eye. Averaging nearly 40 frames per second at average settings across many AAA titles this is an impressive feat.

To be honest, the Nvidia MX350 is not a proven graphics processor. It’s often found in thin, thin and light laptops like the Acer Swift 3 or Asus ZenBook 14. Even the Iris Xe can’t keep up with the Nvidia GTX 1650.

Make no mistake about it – there will always be room for a suitable gaming laptop. There’s nothing to pretend that this new generation of Tiger Lake laptops will meet the need for high refresh rates, RGB lighting, and powerful discrete graphics processors. This will also be the case if the performance of these integrated graphics is to double again next year.

The ability to play Fortnite at 50 fps or GTA V at 55 fps makes the potential for these graphics unmatched.

There’s a catch, of course

While graphics aren’t ubiquitous at Iris Xe’s level, they always feel like an extra feature. The bad internal UHD graphics from Intel are still like the ones you get on the Core i5-1125G4 and Core i3-1115G4.

This processor is often sold as an initial configuration in many newer laptops and is not suitable for gaming. This is a very popular configuration, especially one that drops under $ 1000. Technically, Intel has slightly improved these graphics compared to last year’s UHD graphics, but it may not be enough to make serious gaming possible.

The Intel Core i7-1135G7 may be more interesting. Despite being labeled “Core i7” and “G7”, the processor has less Intel Xe EU 16. We’ll have to test this particular configuration to see how it works, but we’re going to take a serious step back from other Core i7 configurations.

Wider adoption of higher-performance integrated graphics will occur at some point, but will remain an asterisk for the current state of Xe graphics.

It outperforms Intel

Intel is a major player in this gaming revolution and its upgrades this year will have the biggest impact.

But don’t forget how it started. Two of its main competitors are the ones pushing Intel to take graphics more seriously. The iPhone and iPad are great examples of where computers need to go. Due to its impressive graphics, any iOS device can play. This has allowed iOS games to evolve the way they do. With the Mac moving to Apple Silicon, there’s no reason to believe entry-level laptops like the 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Air haven’t improved the built-in graphics much.

AMD is in the same position. The integrated Radeon graphics card introduced in the Ryzen 4000 processor is impressive in laptops like the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7.

Given the intense competition, the future of integrated graphics looks promising.

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Sales of cloud games will hit half a billion this year

Two-thirds of sales will come from North America and Europe, accounting for 39% and 29% of those sales, respectively. This is a huge jump from 2019, when sales were just $ 170 million. If the forecast is correct, sales will almost triple.

By 2020, it won’t be worse to increase revenue significantly and generate $ 208 billion in sales by 2023. More growth is expected in the coming years. Microsoft’s xCloud project, now simply referred to as Game Streaming, should be part of the reason for this, as Newzoo cites this as one of the reasons the market continues to grow and attract new customers. Just days before Game Streaming officially launches, more mobile users can also join game streaming on their phones.
Other companies such as Ubisoft signed deals with Parsec, a cloud gaming provider, and other companies launching their own cloud gaming solutions such as NetEase, Tencent, and Facebook.

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I took gaming supplements for a week to see if I would become a game god

If you’re a gamer you’re likely at least a little competitive, and whether you’re trying to beat a boss or play against other people online, having a competitive edge is great. This, my friends, is at the heart of an entire industry – an industry that makes and sells add-ons meant to make you a faster, better, more capable gamer.

Although not well-known in most circles, these “add-on games” are offered by a variety of vendors and are available in almost any form imaginable. There are pills, powders, drinks, drops, and even vitamins that contain resin; and each brand has its own combination of performance enhancers. They range from simple and known as caffeine or ginseng to exotic chemicals that sound like they are extracted from the vocabulary of cyberpunk textbooks. You know, at times Red Bull doesn’t make it.

The thing is, there haven’t been any clinical studies looking at this supplement and its effectiveness. As I’ve done with other promising supplements, I decided to try them myself and track my effectiveness stats.

After shopping online and comparing all my options, I finally decided to buy a bottle of VPN gaming tires. Think of these as vitamins from Flintstones designed to enhance your Call of Duty skills. The package promises “better reaction time”, more energy and better concentration. and a list of active ingredients including alpha glyceryl phosphoryl, panax ginseng, ginkgo biloba, lutein and isoaxin isomers. You know – normal stuff. The other ingredients are basically different types of sweeteners

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