While women like Geguri, a former member of the Shanghai Dragons Overwatch professional team, see exceptions, the esports scene has long been dominated by men. Women who try to establish themselves in the industry are often tormented by their respective gambling communities. Cloud9 White, the new show from Cloud9 announced on October 25, is trying to change that and make history as the first female team of Valorant.

As Cloud9 tweeted, Cloud9’s Whitelist included Alexis “alexis” Guarrasi, Annie “AnnieDro” Roberts, Jasmine “Jazzyk1ns” Manankil, Melanie “meL” Capone, and “katsumi”. You have joined two established Valorant teams: Valorant Blue and Valorant Korea. Along with the news, the players were featured in a video where a clip of Valorant’s game was highlighted by each team member.

Cloud9 has export teams for various titles including Fortnite, League of Legends, and Hearthstone. According to GamesBeat, he is taking an important step towards proper representation and inclusion in sport. In May, Cloud9 partnered with Kaiser Permanente to promote mental health awareness among gamers in the United States. Kristen Salvatore, senior vice president of marketing at Cloud9, said in an interview that such a move would spark a greater focus on mental health and inclusion in video game culture.

“At Cloud9 we have experience finding players and employees who belittle other people,” says Salvatore. “If we see you being neglected, we will invest time, attention, and support to help you develop your raw talent.”

Cloud9 member, White meL, supports this mood in a team trailer and said: “I believe that empowering women and supporting marginalized communities is part of their culture.” She was pushed after she realized that her first point of contact with Cloud9 was “women in positions of power”.

Cloud9’s most recent list has the same history. They were originally named MAJKL and their first tournament was the Counter Logic Gaming Blitz Open Cup. The band then starred in the series Valorant Ignition, which starred in Cloud9 and took over the team. They occupy the first place. “We know we are ready,” said Alexis of the race. “We knew we were going to win. We were not too surprised after winning. It just proves that we are ready to compete at a higher level.”

Cloud9 White didn’t wait long before flying the Cloud9 flag. Fans can watch their debut today, October 26th, during qualification for the first shoot of the Riot tournament.

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They dream of sports fame. Then their bodies fell apart

Professional games are growing rapidly and offering millions to the best players. But exports are also taxed physically and mentally – and some have decided that enough is enough

Her wrist was in pain. Julia Bright only played Overwatch online for two hours as part of her usual daily investment in the game, but she couldn’t take it anymore. Desperate to calm his hands and arms, he dipped them deep into a bucket of icy water. Freezing liquid helps a little. But after a few minutes this causes its own pain.

Bright is used to playing Overwatch, the hugely popular team-based first-person shooter (FPS), for about eight hours a day. Recently, however, he’s been forced to drastically cut back on his training hours, or “squeak”. His right arm hurts the most – the one with the mouse. Bright has developed a habit of grasping a curved black-and-black device with claw-like claws that contract sharply during intense gaming moments.

He is 20 years old, lived with his parents in North Carolina for a year, and started a career as a professional esports star. Those who qualify for the Overwatch League can earn a six-figure salary and share a prize pool of up to $ 5 million. On paper, their chances are good. He had a winning record and, at the time, had years of experience betting potential competitors online in various FPS games. When he first started playing as a teenager, Bright quickly realized his competitive spirit. “It tasted like fire,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to win.”

But now, injured and replaced as a substitute for his team, things are falling apart. He lay there at night, worried, wondering if the terrible pain would torment him for life. Things went wrong early last year before North America’s second open season kicked off at Overwatch, where high-level but unprofessional players competed against each other online. For many people, this is a great opportunity to prove themselves. Scouts and analysts from a professional team closely monitor the outdoor season, so performance may be the first step towards a full Overwatch career. But while Bright waits for the season to start, she is distracted by another game.

“The way I screwed it up,” he recalls, “was I didn’t take care of my wrists when I sanded Apex Legends.” In the past, Bright said she tries to stretch her arms and take regular breaks. But Apex Legends – a recently released FPS game where players form small teams to fight other people online – devoured it so much that he missed it for about two months.

He noticed that the pain was getting worse with a strange swelling in his wrist. His doctor referred him to an arm specialist, but it took months before a satisfactory diagnosis was made. Initially, specialists suggested that Bright’s injury was tendinitis, an inflamed tendon that may only need rest. But the rest didn’t help. Both physiotherapy and steroid injections. Nothing seems to be working.

Magnetic resonance imaging in October revealed the causes of pain: torn ligaments and sprained tendons. His doctor agreed that this was most likely due to the overuse of video games. The good news is he now has the opportunity to undergo surgery. “I shouted at my mother tonight,” Bright recalled. After a lifetime of fear of severe wrist pain, there is at least hope now.

After the operation, Bright wore a cast on her wrist for about six weeks and then braces for another six weeks. Several months of physiotherapy and rest are followed. Bright still plays video games – Valorant’s FPS is his current favorite pursuit – but only for short 40 minute sessions at a time. He had to accept that his hopes of becoming a professional player were over for now. Your wrist, although much better, is still about 80 percent recovered, and to regain its competitive advantage, it must grind enough to endanger your health. “I was very close to my last team,” he said. “I’m the best I’ve ever had.”

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Garmin Instinct Esports Edition is aimed at professional hardcore gamers

Esports is a legitimate and accepted “sport” activity that has even entered into international sporting events. In fact, gamers make a lot of money and have a large following if they are successful enough. Garmin has now announced a new version of the Instinct sports watch designed for this particular market by hardcore or professional gamers. Instinct Esports has all the main features of its product line, but also has special features for tracking and analyzing biometric data and player statistics.

Basically, you have all the usual basic functions and sensors of previous Instinct devices. You have a heart rate monitor, activity tracking, notifications and all the other things a basic smartwatch can do. What makes Instinct Esports different, however, is that these basic features have been changed along with other new exclusive features to help them become better players and to give audiences a better player “look”.

The wrist-based heart rate determines how hard the cardiovascular system is working during a match and shows the ups and downs of play. Heart rate viability also calculates stress level ratings so they can maintain and maximize their mental and physical resources. The body battery power monitor shows the player when to take a break and when to play. Data about heart rate, stress level and sleep is used, which is logged by the device.

All this biometric data can be stacked on a computer device called a STR3AMUP! This allows game streaming viewers to see which players are reaching their zone or which are slowly losing steam. This way, viewers are more connected to the players or teams they are rooted in during this live stream. And if you’ve watched the live game stream, you’ll know how much viewers are investing in watching their favorite player, as they do with any other sport.

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NiKo from FaZe Clan will soon move to G2 Esports

CSGO star Nikola ‘iNiKo’ Kovač will move from the FaZe clan to G2 Esports, where he will meet his cousin and fellow striker, Nemanja ‘huNter-‘ Kovač.

In late September, it was reported that the two organizations had started talks about the transfer of the 23-year-old Bosnian international. The deal is expected to close a few weeks after the initial reports, although it may be closer now.
Both teams will be under a lot of pressure to close the deal as soon as the BLAST Premier Fall Series is near.
The news follows the recent FaZe Clan Championship of European Intel Extreme Masters XV New York on October 11. G2 Esports finished this event with 7-8 places.

According to HLTV, the deal could cover “one of the biggest transfer fees in the game,” which could exceed the $ 500,000 fee FaZe paid mousesports in 2017 for NiKo.
The G2 should make room on their starting NiKo roster, where Frenchman François ‘AmaNEk’ Delaunay can be seen on the bench or in other teams, according to the report. It is also suspected that FaZe was looking for someone to replace the star even before the $ 150,000 worth of BLAST Premier started.

G2 Esports is included in Group C of this event and will face FURIA on November 2, while the Group B match between FaZe and BIG will start on October 29. Therefore, it will be difficult for both parties to finalize the proposed agreement as soon as possible. -Soon.

As successful as NiKo is at the individual level, his beginnings with FaZe have not resulted in a major title. While the next big game in Rio has been postponed indefinitely due to the ongoing crisis, the superstar can play under a new flag while shooting.

When an agreement was reached, he switched from a team with players such as Marcelo ‘Coldzera’ David, Marcus’ Kjaerbye ‘Kjærbye and Håvard’ Rain ‘Nygaard, similar to Nemanja’ Nexa ‘Isaković and longtime French star Kenny’ KennyS – Šrub.
NiKo has been with FaZe for three years, but all of them show that his magic, which is wearing a red and black shirt, will not last long.

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Microsoft announces the launch of the MSN Esports Hub

Microsoft yesterday announced the launch of the MSN Esports Hub, the universal destination for information on the best esports titles. With the MSN Esports Hub, you can watch the most popular streamers, get the latest news, and follow upcoming tournaments on desktop and mobile. The new esports center is based on machine learning algorithms from Bing and Microsoft Research.

MSN Esports Hub features:

The Home offers a brief overview of the most important information and allows you to filter specific games and delve deeper into specific areas of interest.
It offers streams from YouTube and Twitch, with other platforms soon to follow.
New content from hundreds of news sites including leading esports content providers such as DotEsports, GamesRadar, ESTNN, GosuGamers, and many more.
Check detailed schedules for your favorite titles and teams. See what’s coming, watch live matches, and get detailed Bing stats after the event, including in-game stats, MVP players, leaderboards, and winning percentages for various champions, cards, and more!

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The watch for this sport shows how much you lean

Tech company Garmin recently launched a new watch for competitive gaming and streaming. Leveraging the health monitoring technology used in many fitness watches, Instinct Esports is available in the market for gamers who want to track their health and stress levels or just want a fun toy to play with.

This watch tracks and monitors a number of events in your body that contain G BBM, such as: B. heart rate and sleep quality, and at the same time it tracks stress levels – which can make reading CS: GO with a high-pressure clutch interesting. or a very tilted League of Legends game.

Plus, you can mix and match your instincts with Garmin’s so-called terrible, but potentially hilarious, STR3AMUP! A tool on your computer that creates a stream overlay that lets you see your audience’s heart rate and stress levels in real time during a game. This can produce interesting content, especially if you are a big fan of horror games.

With this watch, which knows more about yourself than your doctor, can of course calculate how much energy you have in the tank during the day.

For gamers who care about their health and well-being – or those who don’t mind revealing in their chats how many toddlers play Five Nights at Freddy’s – this watch can actually come in handy. They will have to shell out a suggested retail price of £ 269.

Whether or not Garmin’s technology will be widely used by well-known players remains to be seen, but with the latest and tense topics in the sport that will tell the team is not going to hook up its players with them to monitor their health and well-being any time soon. Future.

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Platform to unlock the future of bar esports

They can adapt to life under the blockade, but that doesn’t stop platform owners from making big plans.

Located on Shoreditch in the heart of London, the Platform combines a vibrant modern aesthetic with a classic video game setting: think not cheap consoles, sofas, and rows of computers. In fact, major investments in gaming and cyberspace are ubiquitous these days, but that doesn’t mean everyone has broken the code for what makes a space stand out – or how to emulate the success of prevailing internet cafe culture. in Korea and China.

We spoke with the platform founders, brothers Tomaso Portunato, CEO, and Niccolo Portunato, CEO, to hear their thoughts on some of the latest trends in esports bars and restaurants in the Western Hemisphere.

Esports Insider: Let’s start with your vision of the platform and more. Would you like to start a franchise sometime? What are the long-term aspirations on the table?

Tomaso Portunato (TP): Franchise model, I think it’s too early for us to really know and support what we have to say. But I think the intuition we have, and we’ve seen in the past, is that not having a franchise is better than having a shaky franchise. We’ve seen this in some game concepts, but I’ve seen other, unusual hospitality concepts as well: that early aggressive franchise models could lead to brand ambiguity and inconsistencies in the experience offered to our customers. And we really want to avoid that. This is something we will focus on, but perhaps in the next phase of growth.

Where we are now in our little map is that we have a very expensive MVP that works, it’s profitable, so that’s great. The next step is to see if we can set up an operation based not on one location, but on the next third step. So we try to go out there, and I think three to five or eight – we’re going to look at the franchises here.

Regarding the concept that we want to present, I think that with our current location, we have tried a little bit of everything. So there are some sports, some games that are very casual. Some are retro, some are racing simulators. So there is something of everything.

Now let’s focus on a more focused concept. So, the next concept we’re working on at the moment is really to focus on social play and the inclusion aspect. It’s a little less sporty, it’s more like a Nintendo type, but it’s in the market for the experience. So we are here now.

I also think we realized that games weren’t enough for a place like us. This is something we were aware of last year and I think maybe other places have made a mistake. We still don’t know because we don’t have the answer about the best concept yet. But we believe games are just the anchor that keeps people coming.

“This must be a complete package that we provide to customers to create sufficient value for society.

What we’ve seen in bars and other game concepts – and you know, we haven’t seen them all yet – but we travel to Korea, we see computers crash there, we see the beginnings and the cultural phenomena they represent. We go back to England and see what is here now. And it seems that many of these places pride themselves on the hardcore gaming perks you can get at home. This is the type of vibration they create. And our point of view is: it’s good, it’s good, has a good rig, good hardware, and well-maintained hardware. But what we want to offer is the whole experience that surrounds and passes the waiters, food, drink, lighting, ambiance and music. So there is a combination surrounding it that we think is more important, right?

So, just having good hardware is not enough for us. This should be the complete package we give our customers enough value for people to think, “OK, maybe I’m not playing from home today, but I’m going to really go there because it’s a different kind of game. . Experience is. “

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Esports belongs to the top Swedish teams as it all comes into the new episode of Riot Games

Joining the Valorant community is an ideal move for the guild and we look forward to expanding into new exciting and emerging sports spaces, “said Carlton Curtis, chairman of the sports group.

Guild Esports PLC (LON: GILD) revealed the signing of its newest, top team that will compete in Valorant, a shooting game launched by Riot Games in June.

Sure Lagmari “Jacin”, Malcolm Rench “Boncar”, Leo Jannesson “Leo”, William Sundin “Draken” and Philip Gaufin “Goff” left the successful Swedish “Team Bonk”.

You will join guild teams that compete against each other in the Rocket League and FIFA.

“Joining the Valorant community is an ideal step for the guild and we look forward to expanding into new exciting and emerging sports fields,” said Carlton Curtis, chairman of the sports group.

“Valorant is destined to become a major export item with a global reach and a large fan base, and has the prestige developed by world-class publisher Riot Games.”

“With this signature, the Guild has established itself as a multidisciplinary export business and we look forward to sending players into new games as we continue to improve and invest in our business using the military crates we collected during our IPO.”

The IPO rewards the company, which has former England captain David Beckham as a brand ambassador and shareholder, more than £ 41 million and generates £ 20 million to be invested in new signatures like Bonk.

With strong support from Manchester United and the great Beckham from Real Madrid, the Guild is bringing talented talents to become the best academic models in the Premier League.

Fergus Purcell, known for his work with the Palace Skate and Streetwear brands, was tasked with developing the company’s branding.

Within 12 months of traveling, the company tried to win over sponsorships, a loyal fan base and its own line of products.

On Monday, the Guild announced its first major commercial deal since going public, a £ 3.6 million sponsored deal with an unnamed European fintech company that caters to esports fans.

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Great Britain experienced an annual growth of 8.5% between 2016 and 2019.

The UK export sector saw an average increase of 8.5% per year between 2016 and 2019, according to Olsberg • SPI’s “The Value of Exports to the UK” report with Nordicity.

The report, commissioned by British video game organization Ukie, also highlighted that the sector has supported more than 1,200 jobs over the past year.

However, a gradual increase in the UK’s export sector accounts for just under 8% of the world market.

As a result, Ukie submitted eight proposals to the government to ensure the UK sports sector continues to grow. These recommendations include ensuring regular engagement, promoting the UK sports industry and having experience securing international events.

Ukie also urged the government to cooperate with industry to support export of export products such as linear broadcast content.

In addition, trade organizations have proposed government proposals to work with esports companies to buy advertising space and run campaigns to connect with a young and highly engaged demographic in the sector.

Other recommendations, such as providing clarity on visas, how athletes and talents should apply for entry to the UK, funding technological innovation and maintaining regulatory stability, are part of efforts to sustain and strengthen sector growth.

Regarding the results of the report, Dr. Joe Twist OBE, CEO Ukie: “Esports is a global sector at the crossroads of technology, creativity, broadcasting and entertainment – all areas of real national strength for Great Britain. This report shows us that the UK has a strong and growing sports industry, nevertheless. much remains to be done to realize the full potential of this exciting and fast growing sector. “”

The report also shows that the UK sports sector supports a Gross Value Added (GVA) of £ 111.5 million in 2019, with the country’s main competition potentially creating full-time equivalent (FTE) in employment. and £ 12 million in GVA for the economy.

Leon Forde, Managing Director of Olsberg • SPI said: “The report highlights the scale and breadth of a very innovative sector in the UK with very strong future potential.”

Dustin Chodorovich, Partner at Nordicity, added: “A first look at the economic impact of the UK eSports sector shows that it creates jobs and ESPE not only in eSports companies but also in streaming platforms and game makers. as well as in the tourism and hospitality sector. “”

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For Americans, games and sports are “an escape from reality.”

Video game enthusiasts come in many forms – there are hardcore gamers who play at night, who treat gaming as a competitive sport, and those who only play from time to time, i.e. when a new game comes out.

The types of play themselves can also vary widely, from sports to action to parallel worlds. But if they have one thing in common, that’s how they make people feel.

In fact, our new data shows that many Americans are finding solace in video games and esports during the pandemic to socialize and recover from the pressure of the outside world.

The study, which looked closely at the habits of more than 500 Americans who played video games or watched sports when blocked, found that nearly half (46%) played more than 10 hours a week at that time.

When closed, it becomes somewhat multifunctional, and many find additional benefits in using the gaming platform. Two-thirds of respondents said games were fun and helped them spend time and relax. 55% said it could be used to communicate with friends, and nearly half (45%) said it was a way of communicating with friends escaping reality.

Although the majority of respondents had experience with games or sports, 15% were new and had used them after the blockade had started – no doubt for one of the many reasons listed above.

Whether the habit will last is another question. Those who were new to the game or significantly increased the amount they played immediately after the block started were also more likely to say they hoped to play less after the ban was lifted (45% and 24%).

Many gamers turn to streaming services for their solutions and those who tend to spend a lot of time using them every week. More than half (55%) say they spend more than six hours a week playing video games / sports like Twitch, Patreon, and YouTube.

What’s the most popular way to play?

As for consoles, there are no well-known leaders. In fact, they are relatively the same in terms of the most commonly used ones, with the PlayStation, PC, Nintendo, and X-Box being the most famous in that order.

Nintendo Switch has had the highest percentage of purchases since quarantine began (41%), but PlayStation recorded the largest number of purchases as the country slowly emerged from quarantine. Of the players with more than one console, PlayStation received the highest preference with 38%.

More than half of the players are familiar with X-Box and PlayStation subscription services (X-Box Live Gold and X-Box Game Pass, as well as PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now). Nintendo Switch Online and EA Access also collect information from nearly half of our respondents.

In terms of membership, PlayStation Plus and Nintendo Switch online have the most subscribers of their user base (about 2/3 of the users on their platforms have subscription services – 67% and 63% respectively). Membership commencing after the blocking commences, X-Box Game Pass (15%)

the highest number, followed by PlayStation Plus (14%), X-Box Live Gold and PlayStation Now (13%).

Eight in ten (80%) players play three or more games every month through their subscription service, and that figure turns to nearly 58% if we increase it to four or more games. One-fifth of players play more than 6 games from their subscription service.

About one in five players in our survey said they were familiar with Stadia, a new player in the gaming arena – and of those who did, about a quarter were currently Stadia users. Of those who own the stadium, 72% have registered since the blockade began.

In terms of spending, four in five respondents (80%) gave free games and an esports channel to at least some of their games. But many are willing to give up if they think it’s worth it – more than half (55%) have spent over $ 50 playing games since March.

For almost half (46%), this type of fee is similar to what they normally allocate to playing games and has not changed due to COVID-19. However, more than a third (35%) said they were actually spending more because of blockages.

What’s next for blocking games and esports after they’re blocked?

Those rushing to evaluate video games and sports platforms may be interested in how many Americans have benefited from them in recent months. At a time when communicating with others and finding bits and pieces of the conversation are essential, video games offer many a form of comfort and an escape from this grim reality.

It remains to be seen whether game development will continue until the real world opens, but many gamers may try to stick with this platform not only for the gaming but also social aspects.

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