Esports Franchises


Esports, or e-sports, are competitive games involving the use of video games. Unlike the classic sports, where you compete against other human players, eSports players don’t face physical limitations. They don’t even have to worry about getting a tetanus shot before a game. In addition, the games themselves are becoming franchises. So, what is esports?

esports is a video game

What is esports? Essentially, esports is a competitive game between humans and is played on a computer. Esports includes different types of video games and fans from all over the world. Esports tournaments have been able to boast record-breaking views of more than 100 million people. In fact, the 2018 League of Legends World Championship tournament was the most watched esports event ever, with over 200 million concurrent viewers.

It is a team sport

Esports is a competitive video game playing style, involving teams of gamers who compete against each other at professional levels. Teams are made up of members who are contracted to specific organisations and train daily in their chosen games. The best teams have over a million fans on social media. Most esports teams are members of one of the many associations, including the International eSports Federation (IeSF), British eSports Association (BeSA), and the World eSports Association.

It is international

The International Esports Federation (IEF) is the world’s governing body for esports, a form of competitive video gaming. The IEF consists of 56 member nations and is based in South Korea. The federation has affiliate members, such as the eSports Middle East, the Fighting Esports Group Korea, and the ADRIA Esports Federation. The IETF was formed on August 8, 2008, by nine countries with esports associations. The first general meeting was held in November 2008, and a few months later, the FIEF presented the first esports tournament for women in 2012.

It is becoming a franchise

With esports booming around the world, the need to develop a franchise model has become increasingly apparent. In a multimillion dollar market, the success of an esports franchise depends on a number of factors, such as viewership, sponsorship, and the intake of young talent. Unlike traditional sports, esports has a surprisingly low failure rate. The reason is simple – esports are intrinsically entertaining. Moreover, 42% of viewers do not even play the game being broadcast. While traditional sports are struggling to adapt, esports are booming, and franchising is just the last domino to fall.

It is free to watch

There are many benefits of watching esports in person. Not only will you have the chance to meet the players and see the intense action live, but you will also have the opportunity to interact with them. It is also a great way to stay entertained at home, especially during quarantine. In fact, some esports events are even held in shopping malls where the public can view the competition for free. Although most esports are free to watch online, you can pay for some premium content that will remove annoying ads.