Gamer’s Hand


The term “gaming” refers to a variety of different types of electronic games, which involve the use of an input device and user interface. These input devices may include a controller, joystick, keyboard, or even a motion-sensing device. Input devices can provide feedback, either visually or audibly. Despite this diversity, the main commonality among games is that the player must physically interact with the user interface to perform their tasks.

Gamer’s brain

Gamer’s brain is a controversial concept coined by Akio Mori, a professor at Nihon University in Japan. The concept was first presented in his 2002 book, The Terror of the Game Brain. Neuroscientists, however, have criticized this notion as pseudoscientific. The term is not an insult to gamers, however, as many of them practice strict training in the field. Rather, it describes the brain state of people who play video games.

The author Celia Hodent has spent over ten years in the entertainment industry, working for Epic Games, Ubisoft, and LucasArts. The knowledge she brings to the table is extensive, including research findings in cognitive psychology. In fact, the book offers guidelines for game developers to create better games. The goal of the book is to provide designers with the tools they need to anticipate the emotions, interactions, and engagement of gamers.

Gamer’s mind

Han Jihan possesses the Gamer’s Mind. Although his body and mind are both innate fighter skills, his Gamer’s Mind helps him calm down and think clearly even in stressful situations. This ability is incredibly helpful, since without it, he would be doomed and likely die in any fight. It is possible to train your body to gain extra skill points, and Jee-Han is able to get ridiculously high scores in STR and VIT.

Gamer’s hand

While gamers spend hours immersed in their digital games, the hands of avid and professional gamers are susceptible to legitimate medical problems in the real world. The repetitive motions of playing video games can lead to the development of gamer’s hand, a condition that can be difficult to treat with a stim or salve. Since video games have become a form of life for many dedicated players, the hand health of gamers is more important than ever.

For a quick fix, consider seeing a certified hand therapist. Some states do not require a referral to a physical therapist, so a gamer can simply skip the general referral process and seek treatment directly. However, surgery may not be the most permanent solution for gamer’s hand. Rather, stretching and monitoring your health is the best way to avoid this condition. For example, while performing the “Callus” exercise, focus on bending the middle joint of the thumb 15 times.