Sales of cloud games will hit half a billion this year

Two-thirds of sales will come from North America and Europe, accounting for 39% and 29% of those sales, respectively. This is a huge jump from 2019, when sales were just $ 170 million. If the forecast is correct, sales will almost triple.

By 2020, it won’t be worse to increase revenue significantly and generate $ 208 billion in sales by 2023. More growth is expected in the coming years. Microsoft’s xCloud project, now simply referred to as Game Streaming, should be part of the reason for this, as Newzoo cites this as one of the reasons the market continues to grow and attract new customers. Just days before Game Streaming officially launches, more mobile users can also join game streaming on their phones.
Other companies such as Ubisoft signed deals with Parsec, a cloud gaming provider, and other companies launching their own cloud gaming solutions such as NetEase, Tencent, and Facebook.

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