The watch for this sport shows how much you lean

Tech company Garmin recently launched a new watch for competitive gaming and streaming. Leveraging the health monitoring technology used in many fitness watches, Instinct Esports is available in the market for gamers who want to track their health and stress levels or just want a fun toy to play with.

This watch tracks and monitors a number of events in your body that contain G BBM, such as: B. heart rate and sleep quality, and at the same time it tracks stress levels – which can make reading CS: GO with a high-pressure clutch interesting. or a very tilted League of Legends game.

Plus, you can mix and match your instincts with Garmin’s so-called terrible, but potentially hilarious, STR3AMUP! A tool on your computer that creates a stream overlay that lets you see your audience’s heart rate and stress levels in real time during a game. This can produce interesting content, especially if you are a big fan of horror games.

With this watch, which knows more about yourself than your doctor, can of course calculate how much energy you have in the tank during the day.

For gamers who care about their health and well-being – or those who don’t mind revealing in their chats how many toddlers play Five Nights at Freddy’s – this watch can actually come in handy. They will have to shell out a suggested retail price of £ 269.

Whether or not Garmin’s technology will be widely used by well-known players remains to be seen, but with the latest and tense topics in the sport that will tell the team is not going to hook up its players with them to monitor their health and well-being any time soon. Future.

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