Three Reasons to Watch Esports


What is esports? What are its benefits and disadvantages? Let’s explore the world of competitive gaming, which has become an international phenomenon. There are many reasons to watch esports, from the competitive spirit to the possible health effects of video game playing. Here are three reasons to watch esports. And don’t forget about the side effects:

esports is a spectator sport

While traditional sports may attract people, esports has captured the hearts of viewers around the world. As a spectator sport, esports combines the fervor for video games with traditional sports. Fans watch live matches to see the best players take on each other. In fact, the number of viewers of esports has skyrocketed, and some sources predict that it could reach up to 557 million people by the year 2021.

It is a competitive gaming industry

In a world where games have become ubiquitous, competition is fierce. Game titles compete with one another across genres and platforms, and there is no single standard for the classification of games. Consumers can choose from an enormous selection of titles, with some genres being merely sub-genres of others, while others have elements of both genres. However, the gaming industry tends to self-manage its genres, making this a particularly challenging market to break into.

It is a spectator sport

Despite its casual nature, esports has grown to be an extremely popular spectator sport. According to NJ Games, about 124 million people watched esports games in 2012, while that number increased to 335 million by 2017. Some sources project that by 2021, there will be five hundred and fifty million viewers watching esports. But are spectators really watching? Is esports just a trend or are there people who are actually playing?

It can cause side effects

The public health sector can play a role in educating esports players about the potential side effects of esports. Often, athletes use stimulants to improve their concentration or reactions. They may also take beta-blockers or anxiolytics to stay calm under pressure. There is no evidence that esports players are abusing drugs, but there are some potential side effects of playing eSports.