What is Esport and What is Its Impact on the Industry?


What is esport? The short answer is competitive gaming at the highest level. However, what exactly is esport and what is its impact on the industry? This article will discuss a few key elements of esports. The role of game developers and publishers is essential to the success of esports. Game distribution is important, as well. Many of today’s top players compete in esports. Franchises are also involved in esports.

esports is competitive level gaming

Esports, or competitive video games, are becoming increasingly popular among young people. The world’s largest esports competition takes place every week, with top teams earning millions of dollars. The competitions typically have multiple teams, and the best players are recruited into organizations. Teams specialize in specific video games, and compete under the same name. The competitions can range from team-based games to 1v1 battles.

It involves franchises

The structure of esports leagues is similar to professional sports, where each team has a financial sponsor and competes for the highest standing and post-season games. The key difference between esports leagues and traditional sports is the franchise system. Franchise leagues have one entity overseeing the league, while individual teams are run by individuals. Franchises also attract larger investors. Franchises are generally run by developers or publishers.

It has reputational risks for sport

While eSport is a lucrative industry, it also poses many reputational risks for the sport itself. This includes concerns over labor, violence, and harassment, and a lack of respect for the sport’s legacy and social values. Fortunately, the IOC and its president, Thomas Bach, have recognized the intrinsic value system in sport and the need for additional IP law and regulation. These risks can easily bankrupt a professional eSport team.